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24 Jul 2021



Almost all forms of healthcare are broken down into one of 2 different categories proactive and reactive. Unfortunately, many focus strictly on reactive healthcare, by only visiting a doctor’s office when a problem arises. While this may seem like the best course of action, many health and wellness experts are now stressing the importance of proactive healthcare. 





When we talk about proactive healthcare, action is taken before symptoms manifest. Rather than waiting until you feel the cold or flu virus symptoms, you can take a proactive approach towards your health by boosting your immune system with vitamin C, antioxidants, and drinking plenty of fluids.


On the other hand,


Reactive healthcare involves reacting to an adverse disease, injury, condition, or symptoms. If you wake up one morning with a fever and body aches, for instance, you may react by visiting the doctor. Depending on the doctor’s diagnosis, he or she may prescribe you antibiotics to help your body fight the infection. Both you and the doctor are reacting to the symptoms.


To the present date, most of the health systems and insurers have had little option but to stick with the familiar path of reactive healthcare. The status quo since medicine’s earliest days, reactive healthcare passively waits for people to get sick before “reacting” with all available measures to return them to health. As a result, patients have to wait longer to enter the system and arrive sicker and end up receiving avoidable or costlier care than if they had come to our attention earlier. And also rising costs often serve as an additional deterrent to patients seeking care.



The current challenge of preventive medicine is to motivate the individual to practice his own prevention.



India’s spend on Preventive Health is 9% of healthcare expenditure.


The P4 approach to medicine 


P4 is defined into these four categories: 

  • Predictive Medicine  
  • Preventative Medicine 
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Participatory Medicine.  

These categories are set to modify the existing healthcare paradigm, elevate healthcare competency, reduce costs and help move our healthcare system from reactive to preventive and proactive. The active involvement of patients is necessary to guarantee effective self-management. 


Clear advantages for proactive organizations 


Given its numerous benefits, there is no doubt that proactive healthcare will positively impact the health trajectories of millions of patients in the future. For the organizations that are ahead of the curve in terms of adoption, the advantages will be transformative in terms of expenses, outcomes, and member satisfaction. 

The key to realizing the transformation is to remember that accurately identifying patient risk is only step one. Ultimately delivering on a differentiated patient experience will come down to how effective we can be in connecting those patients with the proactive measures most likely to help them out. 

Armed with the ability to see the possibilities, the future of proactive healthcare is wide open. Forward-looking healthcare organizations are not going to hesitate to walk through those doors.



This is why health systems are switching to Proactive healthcare.

One of the few to take this leap is MY VIRTUAL MEDICAL COACH - A proactive healthcare company based in India.



My virtual medical coach aims at Improving the world’s health through Proactive care and innovation.

This healthcare believes that everyone should have instant and affordable access to a board-certified doctor, whenever and wherever needed. The lack of access to affordable healthcare is a large and growing problem. Through MVMC, users can connect to anyone – with or without insurance – to high-quality physicians, saving valuable time and money. 

This company aims to provide valuable healthcare by putting the patient first, developing long-term patient-doctor relationships, and providing families with peace of mind through the fully integrated mind and body care.



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